Tiger World and Lazy 5 RanchApril 19

Animals lovers unite! Tiger World is a different kind of Zoo. Dedicated to the conservation and education of all threatened and endangered species, their goal is to provide the best environment in captivity for the animals while also providing a stimulating learning environment for visitors. Our educational tours personally guide visitors throughout the preserve learning about each animal providing an individual hands-on experience. You will see the animals in a natural setting and have the opportunity to observe them running, playing, swimming, eating, sleeping, and interacting with their handlers. We’ll eat lunch at one of NC’s fine BBQ establishments and then head to the Lazy 5 Ranch, home to many exotic and domestic animals from 6 continents. We’ll take a tour and take time to feed the animals before heading back to Greenville.

Cost is $90 (includes transportation, entrance tickets, and lunch). Deadline to register is April 12.