home based services

Studies have proven the best, healthiest, and most cost effective way to age is in your own home. As a matter of fact, 95% of all seniors do just that. Senior Action want to help make that as safe and healthy as possible by offering programs to people in their homes.

home based services

Senior Action offers home-based services for those people who are over 60 years of age, live in Greenville County, and meet a set of program-specific criteria. These programs are funding through grants from the Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging, United Way, and other private donors. You must schedule a face-to-face interview to apply for these services.

home delivered meals

Senior Action has partnered with Greer Community Ministries/Meals on Wheels to provide home delivered meals to seniors who live in the Greer/Taylors Community. For those seniors who are home bound and unable to ride to one of our outreach sites, this meal is the best part of their day delivered by a wonderful, caring volunteer. You must be over 60 years old, live in Greenville County, and not be able to leave the home without assistance.

lawn services

Leave the Yard Work to Us! Did you know that Senior Action offers a lawn care service for the seniors in our community? In the past five years, we have cut grass for over 350 seniors right here in Greenville County.

Home maintenance, including lawn care, is one of the leading factors considered when making the decision to stay at home or move in with family or to a long-term care facility. Many people see the size of their yard and the cost of having a lawn care service as twomain barriers to remaining at home. According to the-lawn-advisor.com, lawn care over a 10-year time frame can cost upwards of $25,000.

As circumstances change, older adults find themselves needing more and more support from the community to remain in their homes. Senior Action is a great resource for those that cannot afford a lawn care service and their health no longer allows them to get out in the yard.

If you need help, or know someone who does, give us a call at 864.467.3660

minor home repair

Repairs to the home can be very costly and physically demanding and for many seniors can mean they can no longer stay in their homes. Senior Action offers this program to reduce the risk of falls and hazards in the home and to help maintain the home. This service does not cover major renovation projects. Services may include one or more of the following:

  • Installing ramps
  • Minor flooring or roofing repairs
  • Installing grab bars/railings
  • Repairs that solve a fall risk or safety risk for the senior
  • Other minor home repairs as the assessment determines

Services do NOT include:

  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Repairs deemed necessary to keep homeowners insurance or homeowner association covenant
  • Repairs that may be covered by other agencies (such as weatherization)

Eligible participants for this program are:

  • Age sixty (60) years or older
  • Owns and resides in the home that needs repairs
  • Resides in Greenville County
  • Income guidelines are applied

medical transportation (non-emergency)

If you are:

  • Age 60 years or older
  • Not on Medicaid
  • Live in Greenville County
  • Have no, or limited, access to transportation

You may be eligible for this important service. This is a non-emergency medical transportation service. All applicants will be screened for eligibility. Once approval has been made, a 7-10 day advanced notice is required for scheduling service.